Profesional Recolocation


This is a service provided by the KOINE AEQUALITAS Foundation aimed at providing a practical, effective and continuous response to the development needs of companies and the search for employment opportunities of active people and professionals.

A method that provides guarantees, security and stability in the development of professionals and companies and which, in turn, promotes interaction between the Company and the Labour Market “An infinite and moving circuit that converges in the professional development of people and the management of their talent”.

Benefits for the companies

We know that finding the suitable candidate can be tricky. On many occasions we don’t have sufficient time or resources to adjust the selection of personnel to the needs of your company. In turn, finding motived employees who are cohesive with the culture and strategy for your organisation requires part of your involvement. With this service we put at your disposal a team of experts to help you maximise the talent within your organisation and to help you become more competitive.

Benefits for professionals and unemployed people

The only thing you need to achieve your career goals is a map that tells you which path to choose and what you need to complete it and reach these goals.

Here we propose an individual and personalised accompaniment to help you identify your strengths, advise you on the different stages of job searches or enhance your profile and professional status, and jointly create the plan that will help you develop your professional skills in order to increase your chances of success based on your objectives.


Methodology of the professional relocation service:

Addressed to qualified professionals with some level of responsibility who are at a professional transition and are faced with seeking a new project.

Features of this service:

  • Defines the strategy for insertion in the labour market (job search).
  • Improves the level of employability of the professional.
  • Prepares the person technically and attitude related for the job search and decision-making.
  • Serves as a guide, advice and momentum in the process of finding a new job.


The average duration of this type of services is usually 6 months, and the work methodology is as follows:

1st Phase: Identification of the starting point.

Analysis of the starting point in employability (CV, personality and skills tests, professional career interview and expectations).


2nd Phase: Agreed definition of an Action Plan.

Analysis of the initial report and interview of critical incidents to define an action plan to strengthen their skills and abilities with identification of training actions and immediate improvements.


3rd Phase: Identification of companies, economic sectors, institutions or offers of interest.

Identification of companies/sectors within the labour market, offers, job exchange and training alternatives.


4th Phase: CV adaptation and preparation for job interviews.

Preparation of the candidacy for the active job search including preparation of interview, adaptation of CV, etc.


5th Phase: Follow-up, adaptation and evaluation plan.

Specific sessions to prepare/adapt CV and, where appropriate, interview according to selected offer.


The methodology used by the KOINE AEQUALITAS Foundation allows to:

  1. Analyse the situation of the person looking for a job by strengthening their attitude to cope with the change.
  2. Hold the interested person responsible for overcoming their situation.
  3. Analyse the internal profile: professional, strengths, achievements, weaknesses.
  4. Analyse the environment: relocation, market, employment alternatives, defining objective.
  5. Define the strategy to achieve the objective: training/retraining, actively seeking employment, entrepreneurship.
  6. Continuously guide, advise and support the defined strategy for achieving the objectives.

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I found the itinerary to follow very useful to find job offers.

On a personal level, the treatment and attention was unbeatable.

Thank you.


Hello, I have loved the treatment I have had with the girls from the employment agency, they taught me how to improve the presentation and design of my resume.

Thanks a lot.


My opinion on the guidance service is very good, a lot of important information, all very well explained and informed about various things like finding a job. Many explanations such as searching for job offers on the Internet. They helped me make a good resume.