Purposes of the foundation


In accordance with its statutes, the foundational purposes of the KOINE AEQUALITAS Foundation are:

  1. Promotion of sustainable social development.
  2. Promotion of scientific and technical innovation in the field of social action.
  3. Study, research and analysis of the different structures of integration and social cohesion and the economic, social, productive and demographic circumstances that affect.
  4. Performance of cooperation actions that contribute to raising the quality of life and levels of social well-being in developing countries.
  5. Promotion of the quality of life, equal opportunities and active citizenship of the persons and collectives in a situation or at risk of discrimination or social exclusion. Mainly including people with disabilities, people in a situation of dependency, elderly people, by reason of gender, people in situation of immigration, people with mental illnesses, children, youths, families. In addition, any other collective that by any personal or social condition or circumstance (birth, race, gender, religion, opinion…) are in a situation or at risk of discrimination or social exclusion.
  6. Development of research activities that promote quality of life, equal opportunities and active citizenship in such collectives in situation of discrimination or risk of social exclusion.
  7. The vocational training, employment integration and creation of employment for people with disabilities, through actions of information and professional guidance, accompaniment and non-labour practices, motivation, advice and personalised follow-up, labour intermediation, survey of the labour market, the relocation of redundant workers engaged in processes of corporate restructuring and the selection of staff, permitting the creation of jobs for them and, finally, their integration into the labour market.


In accordance with its statutes, the activities that the Foundation can carry out to fulfil its foundational purposes are:

The KOINE AEQUALITAS Foundation has the freedom to project its actions towards activities and objectives which, in the opinion of the Board, are most appropriate for its purposes, and always in accordance with the same, including among others:

  1. Diagnosis of the existing problems present in different geographic and social areas.
  2. Design and development of programmes to improve the quality of the services to cater to the general interest.
  3. Research and development of resources aimed at improving and promoting especially vulnerable social groups.
  4. Design and management of programmes, equipment, services and resources for intervention on social reality and the promotion of the development, integration, cohesion and social well-being.
  5. Advice to the various administrations and social agents in the establishment of goals, objectives, strategies and instruments in matters of social action.
  6. Training, promotion, comprehensive support and advice for the professionals responsible for the intervention on different social realities.
  7. Promotion and dissemination of teaching activities, studies and research in matters of social interest.
  8. Information and awareness in society regarding situations of need or physical, psychological, economic and social dependence, in order to create a climate of opinion conducive to the full integration and best care of the most disadvantaged people.
  9. Promote and/or participate in the constitution of social integration companies for job creation for the development and integration of particularly disadvantaged people.
  10. In general, however many other activities considered necessary for the defence, promotion and deepening in the guiding principles of the social policy embodied in the basic rules at national and European levels.